About Us

We Find Tax Incentives and Credits for Businesses Like Yours

Skip Nagel, Founder and Senior Advisor


Skip Nagel is the founder and senior advisor at Cashflow Business Incentives. He brings a proven track record of more than 30 years of helping businesses owners develop and grow their businesses and prosper.

Skip was honorably discharged from military service in 1981. He immediately went to work in the construction industry and soon became a general contractor. Going through many economic changes and hardships, he soon moved on to working with other companies that gave him the opportunities to succeed nationally in business development.

He continues to help Cashflow Business Incentives’ clients through available local, state, and federal incentives and networking with other professional agencies.

Do you qualify for tax incentives or rebates?

4 part qualification process

Cashflow Business Incentives will help you find out.

We begin with a brief conversation to learn about your business. Key indicators that you may qualify include: length of time in business, number of employees, building and/or equipment ownership, recent business investment, improved function, performance, reliability and/or quality as a result of business activity.

The next step is a confidential, in-depth business review and a report stating potential incentives and credits for your business. From that point, when we mutually agree to proceed forward, our fees are contingent upon you receiving incentives and credits.

Kenny Lamberson, CBI Representative

Kenny Lamberson

Kenny Lamberson is our CBI Rep in Las Vegas and has a network that reaches nationally. Kenny also has a vast knowledge of Insurances and Finances and has in the past worked as part of a legal team for a large Financial Attorney.
Kenny, his wife, and son enjoy the great sunshine and life that Las Vegas has to offer. He is very active in his communities and helps his fellow man.

Digital and Beyond PH, CBI Tech Team


The team consists of a group of smart, highly skilled, and experienced professionals who have a long history in digital marketing. They are experts in building brands through a variety of innovative channels, from customer acquisition to loyalty programs and beyond. Everyone in Digital & Beyond is working in tandem and we're proud to be partners with Cashflow Business Incentives who helps businesses through discovery & recovering Incentives offered by various Gov't agencies.

Why choose Cashflow Business Incentives?

Experience. CBI partners with experienced tax professionals, CPAs, MBAs, tax attorneys, engineers, project managers, attorneys, financial advisors, loan brokerages, and insurance professionals who together bring focus to your specific needs and goals.

Value. We demonstrate significant savings and benefits to our clients that they may have never previously considered. We guarantee effective and knowledgeable service for you and your business.

Respect. Our peer professionals are a well-respected part of the business community. They are looked upon as highly regarded and accomplished individuals, who want to share their knowledge and expertise and enjoy helping their clients become more profitable.

Knowledge There is no substitution for the best. We have worked tirelessly to build an organization that is guided by integrity, responsibility, professionalism, innovation and relationships.

Passion. We help businesses! This is all we do, and we do it very well. We are passionate about the service we provide, and we are serious about helping our neighbors and businesses promote positive economic change in our communities.