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Our Clients Come from All Types of Industries

Anthony Brown, CEO Sunshine Design & Build

Sunshine Design & Build; We provide an entire pre-construction planning process which includes taking detailed measurements, assessing a precise scope of work, and consulting with subject matter experts to identify high risk variables such as plumbers, electricians, HVAC, engineers, building code requirements, permit approvals, inspections, etc...

Our unique service allows us to go beyond the guesswork of estimations, and provide you with a tailor made experience that will help you move forward with confidence and realistic budget expectations. This is what allows us to keep construction costs in check and provide you with exact numbers on time, every time. At Sunshine Design & Build we take pride in safety because we know that a safe job site is a clean job site. Don't call us because you need it done. Call us because you want it done right.


Joyce, CEO American Reserve Munitions

At American Reserve Munitions you will find quality ammunition as well as guns and custom knives. Our ammunition is used by casual and competitive shooters. You will find that quality ammunition does make a difference!

Skip is AMAZING. I found that Skip has a wealth of information and strategies to help businesses succeed. His word is as good as gold, which I appreciate. He always followed up on any questions I had and was good about keeping me on track. You can trust Skip!

Dustin Collins b

Dustin Collins, Innovative Building and Remodeling

I am a Licensed Contractor and CEO of Innovative Building and Remodeling. I’m involved in both Residential and Commercial Building. People are always a priority at work, at home, and in the community.

Skip Nagel with Cashflow Business Incentives is a great guy to work with. I appreciate his desire to help people recoup money from the Government they did not know they could have saved. His passion for networking and seeing people succeed is refreshing and encouraging. Let him see what he can save you, you have nothing to loose.

Lauren-Shepard b

Lauren Shepard, Heartland Payment Systems

Lauren is a business solutions provider at Heartland Payment Systems. She is that B2B, B2C and small business consultant with focus on keeping clients and partners happy for the long term.

Lauren introduces her clients to Skip’s expertise for tax incentives and credits. Clients so appreciate Skip’s knowledge! As an extension of Skip’s services, Lauren assists in fact finding to determine what services are needed and how she can provide the best in products, technology and personal customer care.

Lauren truly enjoys being a part of Skip’s team, as she too has a huge passion for helping others to ensure clients are happy and successful.

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Helena @ Velocity Athletic Training, Blaine, WA

“Skip is dedicated to lifting businesses. In meeting with him I was impressed with his knowledge as well insight. “

Rich @ RC RAMM HOLDINGS, LLC, Warrenville, IL

“Skip is a great guy to have on your side. Move forward in 2022 with his assistance. You will not be sorry. Rich”

Myrnamarie @ SendOutCards affiliate, Boise, ID

“I had a wonderful conversation with Skip and for any small, medium size business it would be well worth your while to connect with him. Government incentives are something that most people do not understand and think are only for the Big Companies.. Not at all. Reach out to Skip and found out what you might be able to obtain. “

Robert @ Wright Construction Management, Eagle, ID

“Skip has a unique understanding of research and development tax savings.”

John @ Source One Business Consulting, La Grande, OR

“Skip brings to existing businesses a means to recapture the expense of research and development…”

Lauren @ Heartland of Lutz, Lutz, FL

“Can you say “WOW, this guy knows a lot and can help me and my clients with the best in expertise”

Miran @ K&Y Transport LLC, Glendale, AZ

“Mr. Skip can help u with funding “

Mark @ Coldwell Banker, Nampa, ID

“Skip knows his stuff and is trustworthy. I have used him and recommend his services.”

Lynwood @ Riggs & Associates Electrical Contractors, Kinston, NC

“Good people to deal with.”

Cameron @ C&E Homes, Lacombe, AB

“Skip has got your back when it comes to getting the maximum tax rebate for your construction business. Definitely worth giving Skip a call.”

Connie @ Christy Collection international inc, Boise, ID

“Professional and creative!”

Marcus @ Hi Mark Agency, Nampa, ID

“I would highly recommend Skip Nagel. He offers a great service.”

Joseph @ Joseph Peña Realty with Fathom Realty, Caldwell, ID

“Skip is great at what he does! If you’re needing help with funding for your business, give Skip a…”

Kevin @ Law Office of Kevin M. Rogers, Attorney at Law, Boise, ID

“i plan to use Skip Nagel whenever I need his business acumen!”

Mark @ Innovative Building and Remodeling, Meridian, ID

“Skip offers a great service that is so beneficial. You will never regret it.”

Jake & Tiff et al. Aero Free Flow, Nampa, ID

“Skip is a great consultant!”

Nicole @ Flat Creek Payments, Meridian, ID

“Incredibly knowledgeable and a very genuine person. You can tell he’s passionate about helping others and that is a truly admirable quality! I look forward to working with him more in the future. I highly recommend you work with Skip!!”

Marshall @ MT2 Leadership, Meridian, ID

“I highly recommend Skip. His dedication to server and add value to his customer is first-class….”

Minor @ Affordable Life and Health Insurance, Lynchburg, VA

“I have had a good experience with skip”

Shou @ TMC Fuel Injection System LLC, Wayne, PA

“Skip Nagel has good idea to help struggling business receiving extra cash. I would recommend Skip as a seasoned Business Consultant. “

Dan @ CEO Limos, The Villages, FL

“Of course I would Recommend Skip. Great guy very informed about about his craft “

Don @ A2Z Roofing LLC, Arlington, TX

“Always willing to help the little guy”

Brett @ Spencer Accounting, Star, ID

“Skip is very personable and provides a valuable service to help companies save money!”

Roger @ Angels Worx Construction, Washington, UT

“I highly recommend Skip, He is very professional and helps small businesses. I am very happy we used his tax service.”

Linda @ L S Enterprises, Meridian, ID

“If you want to recover a substantial amount of money paid to the IRS over the years, Skip is a genius at delving into over payment and retrieving funds for your business or company.”

Richard of, Parma, ID

“Always quality work. Skip is the best. “