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Joyce, CEO American Reserve Munitions

At American Reserve Munitions you will find quality ammunition as well as guns and custom knives. Our ammunition is used by casual and competitive shooters. You will find that quality ammunition does make a difference!

Skip is AMAZING. I found that Skip has a wealth of information and strategies to help businesses succeed. His word is as good as gold, which I appreciate. He always followed up on any questions I had and was good about keeping me on track. You can trust Skip!

Dustin Collins b

Dustin Collins, Innovative Building and Remodeling

I am a Licensed Contractor and CEO of Innovative Building and Remodeling. I’m involved in both Residential and Commercial Building. People are always a priority at work, at home, and in the community.

Skip Nagel with Cashflow Business Incentives is a great guy to work with. I appreciate his desire to help people recoup money from the Government they did not know they could have saved. His passion for networking and seeing people succeed is refreshing and encouraging. Let him see what he can save you, you have nothing to loose.

Lauren-Shepard b

Lauren Shepard, Heartland Payment Systems

Lauren is a business solutions provider at Heartland Payment Systems. She is that B2B, B2C and small business consultant with focus on keeping clients and partners happy for the long term.

Lauren introduces her clients to Skip’s expertise for tax incentives and credits. Clients so appreciate Skip’s knowledge! As an extension of Skip’s services, Lauren assists in fact finding to determine what services are needed and how she can provide the best in products, technology and personal customer care.

Lauren truly enjoys being a part of Skip’s team, as she too has a huge passion for helping others to ensure clients are happy and successful.

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